Friday, October 17, 2014


So I have been thinking about something that would be a bit more royal inspired.  Kate has oodles of pearl earrings but there is a definite lack of a necklace.  So we are going back a few generations to the queen.
In my family, pearls were given to you about your 14th birthday.  I still have this first set of pearls given to me by my grandmother and wear them from time to time.

Now I know that some people might say this is so old fashioned, but it is tradition that keeps the monarchy alive.

So I would love to present to my readers this lovely strand of pears available on Ebay for less than $5.  (Click here)

Power to the Repli-Kates!

Well, it might be a feminist movement within me.  But I hate sizes.  Here is my open letter to the world on my size.

To the world,

I am a size 10, or 12, or 14, or 8, it depends on the brand.  Why do we have to be these numbers, why do they matter so much to us.

So the store is going under an overhaul this weekend.  You my customers are breathtaking, gorgeous, confident, strong, regal, fabulous, stunning, and fearless.  And now I present to you my new size chart.

The only numbers are those for measurements that you take.  No numbers for your size here, so smalls, no mediums and no larges.  You are perfect and with this you will find your perfect size.

First to do this was the white lace dress.  (Click here for the ad)