Monday, September 29, 2014

Stacking Rings

One of my favorite little Kate things, is the fact that she doesn't wear her engagement ring all the time.  I love my 200 year old family heirloom that I wear, but to be honest, it makes me nervous.  So like Kate, I have my backup.  Instead Kate has a lovely welsh gold band, which expanded to 2 when little George was born.

This has brought on one of my favorite trends, stackable rings.  

Now I personally hope that for Christmas this year I get a matching set for my three kids, hint to the hubby.  But for a great price of 16.99 on ebay I found this great seller with a wide variety of stones set in Sterling.  Click Here

Have a great Repli-kate Day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcome to our new Followers

Hello one and all.  It has been a very busy few weeks here at the Estate.  We are getting prepped and ready for Giveaways.  But to start off, we would like to know what you the readers would prefer.  Please vote here!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Infusing my Style more

So I have been working on infusing some more Kate style with a bit of my style.

I adore this dress Kate wore:

I just found out that I am able to get a hold of the fabric finally!!!  If you are interested in purchasing one it will cost $110.  International Shipping is available

Here is a close up of the fabric

So I decided to upload some of my favorite pieces over the years to my shop.  If you are looking for new and different check out the shop.  But here are my personal favorites of the 15+ new postings:

I love this coat, not just for the Lace but the cowl is removable for not so cold days

And the most wonderful of all my coats ever....

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kate is pregnant with Baby #2

Clarence House has announced that Catherine is pregnant with baby #2.  (Press Release)

Commence jumping up and down ecstatically!  I know I am super excited about this, and I have had a feeling for about 2 weeks that she was pregnant.  She unfortunately has a bout of morning sickness again.

To be honest my favorite pregnancy look of George was her Dalmation Coat.

I am working of the Repli-kate of this as I type, but at the same time, if you are looking for the hat, you can check out the one I have listed on etsy.  (Click Here)

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Repli-Kate Shirt

So I was in love with this picture that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released:
Catherine was wearing this shirt that she had worn previously
Lace Shirts are one of my favorite style trends right now.  So I wanted to find one for myself, so off to ebay I went.  I found this:

 I have now started to order my stuff and then do the blog work, so here is my official review of this shirt.
The shirt is a Georgette fabric, and it has a lace panel down the front.  I purchased it for, $8.65.  Now I will say this, the lace is alot more gold in person.  I really love it that way.  I wear a 36C bra and the XXL just fits, so anything over that I couldn't say that it would fit.

In terms of the seller, they were great!  It took forever and a day to get to my house from China, but they had communicated with me the entire time.  Here is the exact listing I bought (Click here)

For other outfit facts, Cotton Pencil Skirt $7 (Walmart) Shoes, Bandalino $50 (Macy's), earrings $6 (Target)  Happy Replikates!