Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tear Drop Dangle Earrings

Happy Mothering Sunday UK!

Here is our lovely Catherine with some beautiful tear drop earrings.

So I found my usual ebay listing, but I knew this one would be hard to find on its own.  So this is actually a necklace and earring set for $4.74

Don't forget to kiss and call your mother! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

First Hat

Hello Repli-Kate-rs

I saw the photos from the wedding that Prince William and Catherine attended and she looked, as always, fabulous.

Now I am about to enter new Repli-kate territory...Hats.
I found this on ebay for $9.45

I hope to have some more of her hats to recreate, but they can involve some serious work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hello everyone!  It is a lovely day here, the sun is shining, the snow is on the ground, wait isn't it suppose to be spring?

So in honor of the sun coming out today, and the glare from the snow I have a post about Sunglasses.  I have huge issues with sunglasses, I always recommend going to a store and trying on before buying.  Also, you will notice that these are not my usual ebay listings.  This is because you only have one set of eyes and you don't want to mess them up, so I wouldn't trust my usual go to's for this.

Here is the lovely Catherine, coming back from her family vacation earlier this year, sporting Prince George by the way!
She has on a really interesting pair of sunglasses, they are not quite tortoise shell but not quite aviators.  They have some interesting metallic detail on the side though.  I found these at my local boscovs for 14.99 over the weekend.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attended The St Patrick's Day Parade At Mons Barracks, Aldershot

Now Catherine had on a Hobbs London, Persephone Trench.  This is a great wool coat retailing right now at $345!  Yeah that is my family's grocery bill for a month. 

So here is an adorable trench with some added lace for about $26
And if you are a purist for wool coat, here is this adorable coat with a fur collar for $26.09
Have a great day everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Maple Leaf Pin

In honor of the upcoming royal tour, I bring you a memory from the last one from Canada.

Here is the duchess with a lovely pin from the queen's collection of pins.

And for 7.99 on ebay you can have your replikate!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Furry Hats!

Taking a quick break between notes on Managerial Accounting.  So I had my thrift store on Wednesday and here is one of my favorites.  Here is the lovely Catherine wearing an ooh so cute fur hat.

And for my thrift store find for $1.50!

And for those who might not be able to always get a find like that here is this from ebay for $11.99

I know that Spring is right around the corner so I am going to be excited for the upcoming season of Catherine's hats.  Keep your heads warm, and stylish, and have a great day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Repli-Kate, the brave

So, I have a major post today!  I did a repli-kate for my daily wear.  Here is our lovely Catherine,

And here is my Repli-Kate

Here is my breakdown of pricing:
Jacket - Macy's $12.48
Shirt - Community Aid Thrift Store - $1.50
Belt - Target - $14.99
Jeans - Target - $22.99
Boots - Target - $12.48

So for my bargain shopping of the day!  Feeling like having a copy of the famous ring and perhaps a set of matching earrings?  So that way you can look more like the duchess daily?

And of course... the ring for $1.97

Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skinny Jeans

To all of my fellow Repli-Kate-rs, I present to you the casual of casual look that Catherine tends to.  Her skinny jeans.

Now I am in the middle of a weight loss and 30 lbs ago I would not catch myself dead in skinny jeans.  I decided over the weekend to venture out and find a pair.

To my surprise the results did not end with me in tears... trust me after 3 kids it very easily could have ended in tears.  I found a great pair at Target for $22.99

Here are some points to watch for while jean shopping.

  • make sure you are comfortable in them, not so comfortable that you are in baggy ugly mom jeans, but they are fitted enough that you can still move
  • avoid muffin top
  • If you love them and have a bit of a muffin top, find some sort of shape-wear to keep the muffin top in check
  • if you are short, try to find ones in short, if you find a great fit and not a great length, any tailor will charge about $10 to hem them to your desired length
  • If you are tall, look until you find the jeans you want in tall.
  • Remember this is an investment on how people look at you, take your time, do it once and do it right!
Happy Shopping everyone.  Tomorrow is thrift store day at our house.  I will try to find some goodies and get them posted.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Edgy Jacket

A few nights ago the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went out with friends.  Read the article here on the daily mail. This is a coat that we have seen before.  Made by Temperley London, the 'Odele' coat retails at $3,280.

I love the idea of the "casual coat".

This look is going to involve a bit of work, so if you know, or want to learn, how to attach a hook and eye, it will be not too bad.

First I had to tackle the jacket.  This was the hardest to locate.  And the closest I could come was this on ebay for $31.45.

Now the Odele coat has a belt with it.  Have no fear for $3.38 you can get this belt.

And for the most complicated part of this coat is the fur collar.  You can purchase that on ebay for $4.13

 As you can see it comes with a satin ribbon bow to tie it around your neck.  This can be easily fixed two ways.  First one could whip stitch it to the coat itself and cut the ribbon off.  Or you could cut the tie off and then sew on a hook and eye.  Either way it should stay on.  I will have an upcoming post about doing this to a collar, so have no fear I will update this when I get to it.

A grand total of $38.96!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Run for your Nylons!


As many Repli-Kate-rs know.  Catherine always wears her hosiery with skirts... but at $20 to $40 each I can't afford that.

I don't know about you but I tend to go through nearly 3 pairs every two weeks.  I have my go to brands, but I have discovered a new everyday favorite.

For my special events I go for Hanes value pack from Macy's here.  At $22 for three in the pack, it can be super pricey.  Especially discouraging when you put them on and go to put your favorite nude heels on and run a snag... not the best way to start your day.

For many years I went to the supercheap ones at Walmart, costing 1.25 each.  These were only good for single wearings, I was lucky to wear a pair three days.

So the other day I needed some new nylons and we were at Target.  I found a Value Pack for Leggs everyday pantyhose.  Wearing my Sunday best and not wanting to venture to Walmart in my dress and hat and risk someone posting me to people of Walmart.  I purchased the box, including 4 pairs of stockings for 5.99.  Here they are on amazon 

Today I wore them.  They are the best value brand of nylons that I have ever encountered.  I will have to time them and let y'all know how long a pair lasts.

Have a lovely day!