Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stylin' in red

Kate made another engagement today, this time in a new red number.  As a mother of three myself I happen to wonder if this could be one of the dresses in her closet we tend not to see.
photos: Daily Mail

The simplicity and the lines are perfect for the days all moms and ladies on the go need for a half up and playing with the children.  Now the seaming on this is lovely with the "baseball" cut shoulders and the natural waist with the unexpected hip seaming.  If you want something on a budget you can check this number out on amazon:
Amazon has this dress for 19.99!  Click here to see the listing.
She also repeated the bag and shoes from yesterday.  Check out the post here for the amazing replikate purse.

I would like to take a moment for her watch.  This watch was a gift from William and is Gucci.  Now like all my peeps out there we all can't have that.  Here is a great option on Amazon for just under $40.

The earrings are understated and amazing.  I think sone of the best things about Kate's style is that she can understate things just enough that it does not deter from her charity work.  A great little earring can also be found on Amazon for $23.00 here.

And finally the shoes, these look to be a Suede, 3.5" pointed toe.  Very nice and once again, help keep the outfit simple and neat.  Here is a lovely paid on amazon that will cost about $70.00

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recycle the Poppies

Kate recycled one of the most amazing dresses in her closet today, the blue and white poppies.
I think the greatest thing about this dress is that it really flatters all figures.  The L.K. Bennett creation is tried and true and may become a dress that could be passed down a generation into the retro looks of tomorrow.  
I have a version of this dress in my shop here
I love a good handbag though.

 I found this great replikate for about $30 on Amazon click here to check out the amazon page.

Have a great day!