Friday, August 8, 2014

The purple room

So it has finally been released that William and Catherine are going to leave bustling London for Amner Hall in Norfolk.  (Read about Will's new job here) 

After so much speculation in the news about the appliances and room colors I wanted to devote a post to decorating, and on a repli-kate budget.

First thing to know,

Do not fear the wallpaper.

I actually love wallpaper, to a point.  I adore high end wallpapers also, things that cost like $125 a roll.  And never be afraid of some elbow grease and hard work.  Look for places that have clearance wallpaper.  I am lucky to live near York Wallcoverings, and they have bins that cost $2 a roll.  Plus a clearance room!  Look in your area, my mom was always in and out of sherwin williams looking for clearance.


Never be afraid of a pop of color.

This is a simple way to make a nutural room more inviting.


Never be afraid to express who you are, qurcky works.  This doesn't mean you have a theater designed after the bat cave.  I am talking perhaps tardis pillows.

Have loads of fun decorating and rethinking!

I just ordered supplies for two more dresses, keep your eyes peeled, they are going to be amazing.

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