Sunday, February 16, 2014

Going nude with Catherine

Welcome to the newest edition of my blog family!  I absolutely adore Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.  She is very much the example of what a lady should be.  I am in the constant search for her clothes and outfits, shoes and accessories, but I don't have 225 quid to spend on a wonderful LK Bennet dress, I am on a half of a shoe string budget.  So to begin I bring you my favorite Replikate in my personal Wardrobe.
These lovely pumps by LK Bennet, named the 'Sledge' Pump, run $345 at Nordstrom
Now I have 3 children and a go to school full time, so that price is out of the question.  But I did find these at Payless.
Named Karmen these are my go to pumps.  Available in a range of colors, and come in wide width, for the bargain price of 24.99, I love these shoes
If you have a bit more capital that you can spare, check out these Bandolinos for $59.99 from Macys
Now in terms of breaking in a patent leather pump, because they can hurt badly right out of the box.  I suggest, rubbing some simple lotion onto the area that needs improved and then warming up the leather with a blow dryer.  Wear around the house with a pair of thick socks.  Take them off when they begin to hurt.  Repeat the next day.  I have had very few shoes that take more than two days.
Have a classy day!

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