Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skinny Jeans

To all of my fellow Repli-Kate-rs, I present to you the casual of casual look that Catherine tends to.  Her skinny jeans.

Now I am in the middle of a weight loss and 30 lbs ago I would not catch myself dead in skinny jeans.  I decided over the weekend to venture out and find a pair.

To my surprise the results did not end with me in tears... trust me after 3 kids it very easily could have ended in tears.  I found a great pair at Target for $22.99

Here are some points to watch for while jean shopping.

  • make sure you are comfortable in them, not so comfortable that you are in baggy ugly mom jeans, but they are fitted enough that you can still move
  • avoid muffin top
  • If you love them and have a bit of a muffin top, find some sort of shape-wear to keep the muffin top in check
  • if you are short, try to find ones in short, if you find a great fit and not a great length, any tailor will charge about $10 to hem them to your desired length
  • If you are tall, look until you find the jeans you want in tall.
  • Remember this is an investment on how people look at you, take your time, do it once and do it right!
Happy Shopping everyone.  Tomorrow is thrift store day at our house.  I will try to find some goodies and get them posted.

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