Sunday, October 2, 2016

Canada tour 2016 - Hiking outfit

So Kate nailed this look.  Side note, I had a coat like this in 2009 my cousin told me to donate it because I couldn't pull it off.  Thanks Cousin!  Wishing I still had this Michael Kors Coat in my closet.

Back to the look of the day.
Let us go bottom up, because who does not love a good boot.  These were adorable with a side ruffle.  

These are made by Timberland, so they are super durable.  You can grab them here for anywhere between 60-240

Now she had on a blue checked shirt underneath the blue sweater.  Here is a great find for about $20.

Now the blue sweater added a preppy feel to the entire outfit that I loved.  Here is a great option at $20

Next to the stunning what I like to call safari jacket!  Found this great inspired look for about $40, click here.

Well, I have to head off to take my kid to cheer practice and prep for my week of classes.  Maybe more later!

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