Sunday, October 2, 2016

Canada Tour - Red and White Dress

So I have been under my blank blank trying to recover from a stressful week and I thought, I should update the blog!  I did miss so much.

Lets start off where I left off with this amazing dress.

This dress is so amazing by Alexander McQueen.  As I search I was baffled, of course kate could stump me, mostly.  I found this inspired version, it has red, it has tiers, best I could honestly find.

This is available on Amazon here.  This dress is just under $40

Now, like I said, not 100% happy, well I am repli-kate and I can sew, I this this would be something not difficult to create

So I found this very interesting on

Using this top as a guide from the waistline up.

Then at the waist adding a band and using the pleating guide for the layers like this dress from McCalls.
Total cost of the fabric and materials would be right around $30

This is going to be a repli-kate filled day!

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